About Us

Who Are We?

Grandbeing, together with our parent company Pro ITAV, is a leading global OEM/ODM company dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of digital audio/video products, primarily in signal management, within the AV and IT business ecosystems. Our passion is evident in the relentless pursuit of research and innovation that allows us to better understand how people work and live. We create technology so you can make your clients’ lives better and more productive. Though the type and size of our clients varies great – from global giants to independent distributors – they all view us as an essential partner in their business success.

Individually, we represent a highly industry tenured team of professionals with one thing in common – we all strive to deliver next-level service and expertise that carries great ideas across the finish line.

Keith Kennedy

Managing Director

As a Managing Director with 35 years of industry expertise, Kennedy oversees all facets of day-to-day operations. He especially enjoys business strategy with clients, helping them to grow their top line revenue and build a solid foundation for expansion. With GB since 2014, Kennedy has significantly grown the business and built a strong US team to better service clients globally alongside the Asian teams. His experience includes product management, integration, operations and marketing.

Tatiana Nieves

Administrative Assistance

With years of booking experience and assists with data entry and administrative office functions Tatiana is a huge asset in the US office.

Aida Montgomery

Operations/Project Manager

For over 3 years, Montgomery has been managing projects from the ground up. She works with customers to meet project requirements and manufacturing needs, and facilitates ongoing communications with both the customer and our Asia team about every aspect of their order.

Sammy Romano

Product Manager

As the US team’s product and engineering lead, Romano and his team work closely with the client’s team to manage all aspects of the project. His goal is always to deliver a product that meets and exceeds expectations, while providing robust hands-on customer support.

Herenia Morel

Product Support Manager

Herenia Morel has many years of product development and technical support experience. She will be hands-on in supporting the Team launching new products successfully and attending to customer's technical support needs. She is known to have a can-do attitude and promoting a positive teamwork environment.